Super Heavy Duty SWIVELING IBC Adapter to 32 mm (1.1/4

Super Heavy Duty SWIVELING IBC Adapter to 32 mm (1.1/4") Barbed Hose Tail. Oil Diesel Water

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This is a Super Heavy Duty SWIVELING Adapter to fit standard UK & European IBC Containers (60mm Buttress coarse thread)

The centre core has a 360 degree SWIVELING mechanism which will not leak and is particularly useful when using short to medium hose lengths as it reduces the tendancy for the hose to kink when in use.

It converts the Buttress IBC thread (S60x6) to a more useful barbed hose tail. Can be used with a wide range of oils, acids, fuels & caustics as well as most other types of liquids.


You have the OPTION of either STANDARD or VITON Seals, The standard seals are made from Nitrile Rubber and are suitable for fuel oils and most non caustic (or mildly caustic) liquids. The VITON Seal offer superior chemical resistance and will for instance tolerate Hydrochloric acid up to 40%. If you are not sure which seals you need, send us a message and we will try to advise you.


These adapters will fit most standard UK and European IBC containers where the buttress thread is a coarse S60X6 thread. An S60X6 Buttress thread measures 60 mm across from thread edge to thread edge and has a 6 mm pitch (distance between the threads).

If your tank buttress is not an S60X6 (about 20% are not) you can purchase a Buttress Thread Converter which will convert the thread to the S60X6 you will require. If you know the measurements of your buttress thread take a look at the “Buttress Thread Converters” Category which you can access from the home page. If you are not sure send us a message and we will try to point you in the right direction.


When selecting the correct size of hose tail don't measure the OD (outer diameter) of your hose, you need the ID (inner diameter) that corresponds with the hose tail OD. For example, if your hose has an internal diameter of 25 mm (1") you need to select the 25 mm (1") hose tail.

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