Do I need a BASIC or HEAVY DUTY Adapter?

Mechanical Strength. Points to consider……

Are you going to use your Adapter once or very occasionally, or are you going to be taking it on and off frequently?

Are you going to yank on the attached hose or cause frequent movement to the adapter in one way or another?

The Basic Adapters are really designed for a situation where you are going to fit to your IBC, and then leave it, without too much yanking, or pulling on the adapter. These are cheaper, and not as strong as the Heavy Duty Versions (HD) I also sell. 

The Heavy Duty Adapters are much stronger and often bulkier than the Basic Adapters. They are more suitable for more frequent use, but remember. These are plastic based. They might be very strong industrial plastic, but they are still plastic. They are best suited to heavy domestic use, or light industrial use. For heavy industrial or off load duties they will do the job for a while but they are not really intended for this.

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