Inline Valve / Stopcock with barbed hose tails

Inline Valve / Stopcock with barbed hose tails



These 2-way polypropylene stopcocks are designed for insertion along the length of a hose / flexible pipe .

They are useful for shutting off the supply of water without having to go back to the source. They can also be used to reduce the flow of water through the pipe if required. Where a split 2-way hose is in use, they can also be used to cut off (or reduce) the water supply to one or both pipes. You can cut off the water supply to one pipe whilst maintaining supply to the other.

They are deigned for low pressure use (up to 1 Bar). i.e. they are suitable for the majority of standard water supply pressures.

Maximum liquid temperature: 60 degrees C.


To fit, simply cut through the hose at the point where you want the stop-cock / tap to be inserted.

Push each end of the hose over the hose tails as far as they will go.

You may need to use a "jubilee" or hose clip at each end to secure.

All measurements shown are the internal diameter of the hose pipe.

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