IBC Adapter to 50mm MDPE Compression Fitting


This is a HEAVY DUTY adapter to fit standard UK & European IBC Containers which normally have a 2" BORE, which is a 60mm Butress/Coarse Thread (measured thread edge to thread edge).
It converts the buttress IBC thread to a 50 mm COMPRESSION FITTING which is normally fitted to blue polyethylene tubing for mains water services, but this will fit any pipe where the pipe OD (Outer Diameter) is 50mm.

A few comments

2) Historically in engineering we talk BORE (ID) when talking pipes and hoses. So a 1" hose tail, will fit a 1" BORE (ID - Inner Diameter) pipe. Some not so bright spark has reversed this for the MDPE/Compression/Blue Pipe.

So a 20mm MDPE Adapter will fit a 20mm OD (Outer Diameter) pipe such as the 20mm Blue tubing.

If you bought some metal pipe which was 3/4" (20mm) then chances are this would be the Inner Diameter (bore) so you could NOT make the connection as the metal pipe would be bigger (roughly 25mm OD). As long as you know this, you wont make this mistake. Blame it on the bright spark who changed things round after a couple of hundred years!

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