IBC Adapter (S60X6 Coarse Thread) to WATER FILTER & TWIN 1/2" Snap-On Fittings



This is an adapter to fit standard UK & European IBC Containers (60mm Buttress S60X6 coarse thread). 80% OF IBC's have this thread. The other 20% have a variety of different threads. We sell adapters to convert most of these threads to the S60X6. If you need further information on this, please message us and we will point you in the right direction.


Designed to trap foreign particles in water and reduce clogging of components within the system. Minimal flow loss with maximum efficiency.

Suitable for low pressure irrigation systems (up to 3 bar / 45 PSI). The filter can be easily taken apart for cleaning and features an 80 mesh screen filter.To remove the filter for cleaning unscrew the unit from the IBC then unscrew the end fitting to reveal a seling ring. Remove the sealing ring and the filter will easily slide out.

The filter also gives the added advantage of increasing the distance from the IBC connection to the final Outlet by about 6". Usefull in tight areas or for filling cans and buckets.


The outlet is a Snap-On fitting with hose connector suitable for standard 1/2" Garden Hose.

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