Barbed Hose Pipe Tee 3 Way Connector/Spliter. 1" (25mm).


Barbed Hose Pipe Tee 3 Way Connector/Spliter. 1" (25mm).  
Use these fittings to split or branch a single hose into two. They are light weight but extremely strong one piece items. 

They can only be used for joining hoses of the same diameter (i.e. 25mm to 25mm or 32mm to 32mm). 

If you want to split or branch a hose of I diameter into 2 smaller diameter hoses you will need a "Pipe Spltiter 3 Way Reducing Tee to Hose Tails".
Available in 5 sizes for splitting or branching 13mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm or 40mm hoses. 

Fitting couldn’t be simpler. Push the hose pipe ends over the barbed tails as far as they will go. This will normally suffice for normal or gravity fed water pressure.

If the water pressure is high or you have problems with the hose coming away from the tails, then you may need to use "jubilee" clips or hose clips to secure the hose pipe to the fitting

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