3/4" BSP Tank Adapter with in-line ball valve to MDPE Compression Connector



This is a 3/4" Tank Adapter with an in-line ball valve and a 20 mm or 25 mm Straight MDPE Compression pipe fitting at the other end.

It can be used with any tank or drum to provide a connection for solid MDPE / Alkathene pipe with an External Diameter of 20 mm or 25 mm

Please note that the 20 / 25 mm measurement refers to the EXTERNAL Diameter of the pipe and the INTERNAL Diameter of the fitting.

This is different to flexible hose pipe where it is the INTERNAL measurement of the pipe that is used because it fits over the fitting rather than slotting into it.


Firstly, you will need to drill a hole where you want to locate the item.

Important.....You must be able to get your hand into the tank or drum somewhere close to enable tightening of the back nut. You will also need to make sure that the area where the hole is being drilled is reasonably flat.

You will not get a good watertight seal on a heavily curved surface (a slight contour will be OK).

Once you have drilled the hole, remove the back nut and rubber sealing washer from the adapter and push the threaded section through the hole.

Then push the rubber sealing washer back over the threaded section and finish by screwing home the back nut as tight as you can by hand. Do not overtighten.


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